It's a freezing 30F and falling apparently, so it makes wanting to check out the Strip a little hesitating. I did bring most of my winter gear with me, but I would honestly rather have a drink in my room and chat with my crew members. Sounds like a party-pooper kind of thing to do, but now that I look outside, it's snowing as well. Picked a great time to come to Vegas.

I am hoping that we aren't too delayed tomorrow. I am expecting to arrive back in Miami around 22:30, and getting to my apartment physically around 23:45 I think. That's if my flight isn't terribly delayed by weather and holidays to begin with. Vegas, and snow don't work well, and McCarren International isn't well known for winter weather. So, hoping the ground crew can take care of business.

So, what I'm really trying to get at is, if I get home early enough, I'll post a goodbye to 2014, and a few memories. I hope everyone accomplished everything they hoped to this year.

Let's see what tomorrow brings! More photos to come!