Manaus, ho!

Sitting here in 25F on an Airbus A319-214, headed to Manaus. Why is that? Well, I have almost two weeks off and needed to find something to do. I had told my family in Brazil, that I was going to possibly come back an visit them at the end of the month if I could. I didn't promise or anything, but I did have »

2016, I Thought We Were Friends

Here we are in 2016. What a year it has been thus far. So many lives lost, so much violence. Who's finger do we point at today? Always the blame game. I am currently in an Uber, on my way to the airport to report for standby duty, just pondering. LATEST: 5 officers dead, at least 9 people wounded by snipers in Dallas https: »

DDNet, A Remnant of Years Past

I just spent the last three hours browsing through old blog posts from my personal blog that I started back in 2000. I cannot believe the stuff that I wrote about. I was in high school to start, so obviously there wasn't a lot to talk about. Mostly just ranting, but it was fun to see the different layout changes. Speaking of, I probably »