SLC, Reserve Life, and FlyLauren

SLC, Reserve Life, and FlyLauren

Hello, again! I just received my next trip from Crew Scheduling and am quite excited about it. My departure is 19:45 today. I'm going somewhere I haven't been yet, Salt Lake City, Utah. I was talking to my Dad about this the other day at dinner. I was discussing what trips I was seeing in open time, and the long SLC layover was in there. I kept saying, "Who would want to go there?" He told me that it was actually a really cool layover. So, I'm definitely looking forward to exploring the area. Looks like I'm working with a new-hire as well! I'll be keeping you updated on my trip when the time comes tonight.

At the moment, I am kind of rushing to get this post finished, as I am going to try and get a haircut and maybe buy an extra pair of shoes for my uniform. They are wearing out. I wasn't really expecting to do anything today, but that's how reserve life works! You get the call and everything changes.

I had the absolute privilege of speaking with Lauren from She's also hard at work on her flight attendant blog. I highly suggest you check out her posts. A lot of good info, and stories. I am hoping she and I can collaborate a little bit. Both living in Miami, working for the same airline and base, I don't see this being an issue.

A quick note before I depart, my Dad and I are going to be working on a podcast series for Flight Attendant stories and info. I'm quite excited about the opportunity to do this. I do have to say, that because of how easily accessible and public this blog and other social media are, speaking on all topics of the flight attendant job will not be possible, (security and such).

See you in the skies!