Living That Slam-Click Life?

Living That Slam-Click Life?




  1. People who upon checking into a hotel with others remain in their rooms instead of socializing. Used by airline crew to describe those who don't go out.

Slam - as in closing the door

Click - as in locking it immediately

Are you a slam-clicker? Have you gotten to that point in your career where you just want to get it done and head to bed? I am not there, and hope to never get there. I think it is super important, to take a step back and remember where you are. As a flight attendant, I travel all over, and there are days where I'm just at my limits, but I then take a step back and realize where I am. One day in San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, NYC, Dallas, Las Vegas. For me, when I take that step back to realize where I am, I remember where I was. I worked at a cafe, I lived in a town that was overpopulated with rich folk, and I served them. I didn't have any excitement. No adventures. Sure, the beach was nice, but even then, I didn't enjoy it that much. Taking a step in, and here I am as a flight attendant. I'm traveling all over the US, and more. I have the privilege of being able to fly anywhere either for free, or for cheap. I sometimes forget this.

I talked to a friend earlier today who was just trying to get home on Spring Break. Granted, it was only a 1:30 hour flight, the trip was oversold on all levels. The mess our passengers have to go through, I feel them. I really do. Air travel isn't what it used to be. I haven't been doing this long enough to educate on the topic, however, what I've learned is that air travel back in the day was a luxury. In some cases, it still is in other countries. But it was so fresh, and new back then, and the classes of people were different. Back then we carved a roast for all cabins, you could relax and smoke, you had tons of space. Thanks to dregulation, and the beautiful 747, we could no longer offer that amazing serivce.

I hate hearing people break down air travel as a bus that flies, that just gets you from point A to point B. I hate hearing that, because air travel is still a marvel that to this day I cannot believe. What a magnificent thing, that we can float on air at a speed unthinkable, and get to where we need to be. This is no bus. This is no train. This is something amazing, and I hope I can continue to separate this industry from the rest of the travel pack.