Quick Update

Quick Update

Sitting in my favorite Cuban cafe, Havana Coffee & Tea Company, sipping a cafe con leche, along with delicious pastelitos, I start scribbling in my composition notebook, trying to make an outline of posts to come. For the first time, I have to outline a blog post. It's strange for me since I've always blogged straight from my mind to text that moment. So far, I am finding this complicating. I see other FA blogs and I learn how they are working. The travel tips, travel guides, life hacks. I get it. It makes sense to push that out on a blog. I guess, I am just not quite there, yet.

I would love to have a site that contains all that I listed, but so far it's just about me, my travels, and some fun photos. That's what my definition of a blog has always been. About me, my thoughts, and photos of my life. I am now having to shift my paradigm and move into blogging that can benefit others. I am excited, but nervous.

I have a two part post on Salt Lake City. I have been working on this post for about a month. I don't want it to be too long, but I have to dive into all of the things I've done there, and some tips on places to shop and eat. I believe it will be a popular post, but getting it finished is that battle.

It's a beautiful day here in Miami. I am grateful to live in such a cool spot. Living here has really opened up my eyes to South American culture, especially Cuban. Going to continue my Miami rant with a few blog posts on things to do here. I am very excited to share my findings.

Some content to look forward to:

  • Layovers: Salt Lake City
  • Layovers: San Francisco
  • Layovers: Miami
  • Layovers: Austin
  • Layovers: San Juan
  • Flight Attendant Musings: Podcast
  • Body Hacks: Getting that energy back

Can't wait to bring this great content to all of you. Until then, I want to say thank you for reading the blog, and appreciate the patience as the blog evolves.