Quick Update

Sitting in my favorite Cuban cafe, Havana Coffee & Tea Company, sipping a cafe con leche, along with delicious pastelitos, I start scribbling in my composition notebook, trying to make an outline of posts to come. For the first time, I have to outline a blog post. It's strange for me since I've always blogged straight from my mind to text that moment. So »

SLC, Reserve Life, and FlyLauren

Hello, again! I just received my next trip from Crew Scheduling and am quite excited about it. My departure is 19:45 today. I'm going somewhere I haven't been yet, Salt Lake City, Utah. I was talking to my Dad about this the other day at dinner. I was discussing what trips I was seeing in open time, and the long SLC layover was »

Living That Slam-Click Life?

Slam-Click·er /slam/-/ˈklikər/ noun People who upon checking into a hotel with others remain in their rooms instead of socializing. Used by airline crew to describe those who don't go out. Slam - as in closing the door Click - as in locking it immediately Are you a slam-clicker? Have you gotten to that point in your career where you just want »

February Flying!

Hello again, I want to apologize for taking a little bit to write a new post. I have been busy, and then jet-lagged. Excuses, excuses. Flying really takes a toll on you regardless of who you are or how long you have been flying. I wouldn't change it for the world, though. I have my days, but the majority of the time I am »

Exploring Downtown Miami

Hello everyone! It's been a great day today walking around the streets of Downtown Miami. Above is a shot I took this afternoon. Not too hot. Anyway, my journey today consisted only of a brisk walk to my favorite indie coffee shop called Eternity Coffee Roasters. I got a delicious cold brew, one of my favorite styles of coffee brewing, and sat outside to »