Why, hello there! It looks like it didn't snow after all! I am quite happy with that outcome. My day is already starting out well.

Couple pics below of the view. Not much from this side. You can see Circus Circus, a terrible hotel and casino, and then the other view is north or something. I don't really know where I am. What I do know, is the mountains are beautiful. It's something a guy from TX who used to live in NYC, now living in Miami can appreciate.


As far as delays go with my flight, I don't anticipate any issues. I also see that the passenger load is lower than usual. I believe this is because people don't want to fly home from Vegas on NYE. They want to celebrate there. I would honestly do the same. It's not finalized, so we will see what happens.

I am kind of digging this little [1]Ello blog I have going here. It's very easy to work with from Chrome on my iPad. Also, I know I don't have a lot of networking here or views, but if there is anyone out there interested in the field, travel, or aviation, feel free to comment and say hello!

I'll put something up later tonight! Take care! Safe travels! :airplane:

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