Miami to JFK

Miami to JFK


Today I am off to JFK. Because of the grounding of my baby 73MAX, my original flight cancelled to Boston cancelled, I was removed from the Boston 🛫 JFK trip and instead am just traveling as a passenger to continue the trip sequence. The last two days have been a little exhausting for me, and not because of long work hours, but through faults of my own. Because of this, I haven’t really kept up with my writing as I said in my last post.

I came home two days ago to a mess of an apartment and went straight to my room to decompress from my last trip. Roommate comes home, doesn’t clean up the mess he left. So, the following day, I take it upon myself to clean up the mess. Sweep, mop, but left the dishes for him. Let me tell you, I feel much better about everything when the place is clean.

The issue arose when I decided to treat myself. Off to my usual watering hole, I drank and enjoyed the company of my bartender friends, come home to a chat with the roommate and to bed I went. Problem is I forgot to drink water, so waking up I was quite hungover and most of the day was wasted on trying to recover. That’s pretty much my last two days.

Moving on. This should be a good trip. First time in St. Lucia at the all inclusive. I hope it’s as good as that First Officer was going on about. I’ll let you know.