Sitting here in 25F on an Airbus A319-214, headed to Manaus. Why is that? Well, I have almost two weeks off and needed to find something to do. I had told my family in Brazil, that I was going to possibly come back an visit them at the end of the month if I could. I didn't promise or anything, but I did have a lot of fun there, and I want to go back and spend a little more time.

You won't believe how cramped it is on this plane. It's full and even though I got the window seat, I have no space to set my iPad down and keyboard to type this document. I already spilled half of my drink down my leg. Haha, I made sure nobody noticed. Thinking about this now, I feel it is important that all flight attendants sit as a passenger, to remind themselves how bad they have it. We were trained to have empathy for them. Sometimes, however, we forget. I wish more than anything though that management would spend some time as a passenger. They would realize how bad most of their product ideas are.

Let's get to some tech stuff! I have been enjoying my VPN whilst I work and explore the different parts of the world. I've started to get a little more secure, like the good old days. The days of watching Hak.5 nonstop, and learning the ins and outs of proper hacking. Sadly, I can't remember a ton of what I did then, but I do recall pen-testing a lot, and at one point I even built my own hardware firewall. Not even sure I why I needed that. It was a corporate size firewall. It was a great learning experience for sure.

So, at the moment, I am working on building a new PC with my simulator in mind. I need something powerful enough to run games, but also something I can keep stable for years to come. Another thing on my list is getting this little blog going. I am working hard on submitting more tips and ratings on Foursquare to help me when discussing my layovers. The ultimate goal is to help other travelers to do things, and find experiences off the beaten path.