I never know what to write about these days. Usually it's what comes to my brain, but recently I have been too lazy to even write that down. I'm not quite sure why I have that lazy feeling all the time. I am usually at my best when I am out exploring Miami, or doing my usual cafe, and reading. I haven't taken the time to do that though. I think once I start limiting myself on the computer things will change. I have no idea how I will do that, but it is very necessary to my health. My meditations have only been at night and before sleep, not good. My sleep ritual is messed up since the screens are on just before bed. I need to give at least an hour. I know they are in night mode, and all my lights, if any, are dark and free of blue light, but that isn't going to produce the best sleep.

I'm going for another reboot. We'll try again tomorrow. I am not happy that I'm like this recently, but I will find the motivation. I'll try to keep this going.