I’m Here

I’m Here


What a day... I’m so tired, and not from the trip, but the terrible sleep I had last night. I had a heavy dinner and that contributed greatly to my sleep deprivation.

The day didn’t start out too well, but I did my best to stay positive. Had an issue with my Uber driver and directions, then on the flight a couple of the senior crew were just not friendly. I kept my cool and worked through it. Not one to let things ruin my day like I used to.

Bunker looking hotel

3 legs down and I got to the hotel here in Chicago. Looks like a bunker, but it’s pretty nice rooms. Travel router, and media center setup, I turned on my usual entertainment and also headed downstairs for food. But sleep beckoned me and I hypnotized, submitted. I have a lot of thoughts today, but my brain isn’t working right with the excess of adenosine pushing me to sleep.