DDNet, A Remnant of Years Past

DDNet, A Remnant of Years Past

I just spent the last three hours browsing through old blog posts from my personal blog that I started back in 2000. I cannot believe the stuff that I wrote about. I was in high school to start, so obviously there wasn't a lot to talk about. Mostly just ranting, but it was fun to see the different layout changes. Speaking of, I probably mentioned how boring my blog was, and how much I hated the current layout in every post. It got so repetitive that I had to stop reading some of them.

There was also a quick change to a CMS blog where I discussed the current tech news, and had a forum for discussing different topics. That didn't work out too well, and I went back to the blog. Through all of these funny rants and changes, I still had a webcam and deskcam running graciously. What was it looking at? I do not know, since the photos wouldn't load. I can only imagine how desperate I was.

Moving on later into the mid 2000s I had a girlfriend, and I probably mentioned her in every post. Was super annoying. I could also see how "stressed" I was with work. Seriously? My job wasn't that hard. Looks like I was just in a negative time in my life. The negative girlfriend didn't help either.

Why bring this up? I don't know. It's just something I ran into while playing with a Mac Plus emulator, and then started playing with old browsers, when I found old blog posts from my website. It brought me back to old times of just letting go and blogging what was in my head. I guess it was some sort of escape at the time. I knew nobody was probably reading it, but at the time, personal blogs with nothing but rants were kind of popular then.

This brought me back to my current blog here. I meant for this to be about my travels, however, I neglected the personal life outside of work on here. At this point in my career, I do not capture many photos or videos, or even write down things to review on layovers. It wouldn't make sense to make this blog only about my travels. Let's see what I can come up with. No, I probably won't bring a deskcam back, or even webcam like the old days. I do, however, hope to dabble in tech again, and also try to remember why I do what I do.

I've said this a million times in my previous blogs: I'm back!