BBS is Still Alive

BBS is Still Alive

I am shocked too! This here is a Bulletin Board Service circa 1992. Still running on a lovely Commodore 64, this BBS named Particles, allows playing door games, posting board messages, and downloading files. It's a lot of fun to experience.

Just checking some messages.

The fun comes from the community. On this BBS, it's not particularly busy, but when the messages flow, the community is just that. You can talk about whatever you like, no judgement, reminiscent of the earlier times when it cost a lot of money to call your friends. You appreciated the time you spent online trying to get your messages in as fast as you could before your mom yelled at you for using the phone line! Haha, I love it.

Some threads!

Bottomless Abyss is another BBS I enjoy visiting. Not as busy either, this is a small niche, but still fun and very visually appealing. Same concept, except this is not run on a Commodore 64, and it also uses a newer software called Mystic.

Title screen
Main Menu

I miss these days, and although I never used BBS as a child growing up with computers, I do remember my father using them to download DOS games, and other info. I always thought it was cool. I actually connected to a few the other day, in fullscreen, no distractions. No social media, big ass photos in my face begging for likes. It was amazingly calm, and the only thing that I yearned for after hanging up was clear text. I'd look at my phone and see crisp letters and the world was modern again haha.

If BBSes were your jam in the past, do a quick search online for BBS and you'll see there are tons online and many are still running on original equipment from the '80s!