365 Writing Experiment

365 Writing Experiment

Day 01/365

I've decided to start writing again. I don't have a specific theme of my writing, I just wanted to start putting down my thoughts for 365 days, and see what happens. I've been very big on meditation, good sleep, but never write anymore. I feel writing is therapeutic, and not enough people do it. So, let's get started.

I'm currently watching a streamer on Twitch who has been out drinking in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan for hours. It's been pretty entertaining. I have also been setting this blog up to do the 365 writing. I'm digging it so far. I spent a good amount of time making an SVG file for my Mastodon profile, which you can see at the top right before the post starts. I thought it would be easier, but it took a good amount of my blog setup, haha.

Curious if I can add emoji to this page. 😁 Actually, It looks like emojis are supported on Windows 10, and pretty much any browser or device that would read this blog has emoji support I would assume.

I've been sitting at this computer for too long. I will take a little break, read a little and watch the sunset. This should be a good experience for sure!

A little clip of the long night in Tokyo. Was fun to watch.