2016, I Thought We Were Friends

Here we are in 2016. What a year it has been thus far. So many lives lost, so much violence. Who's finger do we point at today? Always the blame game. I am currently in an Uber, on my way to the airport to report for standby duty, just pondering.

Soul crushing when you see a headline like that, however, this is the current world we live in. To be honest, this is the current US we live in. I seriously will not go too deep into the painful issues going on in this world. I even mentioned on Twitter that I wouldn't, and for good reason. I just have no words. This is the world we live in and I'm just here for the ride I suppose. My dad made a good point as shown below on his Twitter. Think. What happened was atrocious, but can't let anger fuel the darkness. Must think, and find ways to fix the problem.

I still can't get the old blog posts out of my head. I had such a negative attitude about everything, and when I look back, feel like I wasted so much time on a girl I thought I was going to marry, and issues that improved my life in no way. I will say, I did have some awesome posts where I exposed my geeky side with coding and Xbox modding. I loved that I had these deskcams[1], one that actually ran off of my hacked Xbox. Those were the posts that I loved looking back at.

Which brings me to why I am posting non travel related and other techy things I learn to this blog. Once channels are available on my blog platform, I'll be able to separate from the main blog, but for now I'm going to use this space for everything.

Beginning of this post I was in an Uber, and now at the end I am deadheading to Honduras, staying the night and then working the trip back tomorrow. My past self would be blown away with my life right now. Grateful.

  1. Deskcam is a screen grab of your desktop, usually updated in 15-30 second intervals. ↩︎